Business and Transaction Law

Business Transaction Law

Mark B. Goldstein, P.A. provides legal counsel and representation to its domestic and international clients on a wide variety of business matters including those relating to both commercial and residential real estate, banking, art, business organizations and commercial transactions.

In addition, to our aviation and transactional legal practice, we are engaged in the representation of client’s in the purchase, sale and exchange of artwork of significant value. We frequently are called upon to structure and participate in art transactions on a worldwide basis and we often act as escrow and disbursement agent for such engagements. We have familiarity with the federal and state tax consequences of art transactions and the utilization of tax free exchanges under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. The following is a non-exhaustive list of artists of whose work we have been engaged to represent:

  1. 01. Vincent Van Gogh.
  2. 02. Claude Monet.
  3. 03. George Luks.
  4. 04. Peter Paul Rubens.
  5. 05. Mark Rothko.
  6. 06. Any Warhol.
  7. 07. Jackson Pollock.
  8. 08. Diego Giacometti.
  9. 09. Alexander Calder.
  10. 10. Jean-Michel Basquiat.
  11. 11. Willem de Kooning.
  12. 12. Franz Kline.